Ito Seisakusho has set a clear goal of “Zero Customer Defects” and is working on the development of IoT devices and digitalization.

IoT and DX Case Studies

  • Digital Twin of Progressive die
  • Press sensing system.
  • Press Remote Monitoring System [PRMS Shot] (Operation Abnormal Monitoring)
  • PRMS Oil, a remote monitoring system for monitoring lubricant flow.

Digital Twin of Progressive die

By utilizing CAE(computer-aided engineering), 3D scanner, tensile tester and other equipment, we digitally reproduce all the particularly difficult processes of Progressive dies we have manufactured to date and create a database of drawings and machining conditions for the early training of technicians and the transmission of skills.
In addition, by utilizing electron microscopes and high-speed cameras, we take pictures of the fabrication methods and finishes of skilled technicians. Our goal is to pass on skills through standardization and automation.

Physical Model

Physical Model

CAE digital model

CAE digital model

Press sensing system.

Constant monitoring of working dies with edge PCs (Sensing) and processing are performed and transferred to the cloud simultaneously. Punch life prediction system with trend value management and Ai.

working dies with edge PCs
Punch life prediction system


Operation monitoring and data logging system for a press machine utilizing Raspberry Pi with anomaly detection and recording function.


A press lubricant flow management system using a custom-developed sensor and Raspberry Pi.

Currently in the prototype development phase.