Design and production experience of sequential delivery progressive dies with a size of 9000 or greater

Since 1964, we have designed and manufactured a cumulative total of over 9,000 progressive dies. Our strength is the reliable technology and quality we have cultivated through our continuous challenge to develop new technologies.

technology development

Proposal Power & Design Ability
Know-how & CAE Analysis

From the conception and development stages, we propose the optimum production methods and processes with high quality and cost benefit, with an eye toward mass production.
We utilize the latest digital tools such as CAE, standardization of design, and our expert know-how to find the optimal solution for progressive die design and fabrication.


Super High Precision Machining Technology

We utilize ultra-high precision machining technology that allows us to achieve dimensional accuracy of 2μm, flatness of 0.8μm, and surface roughness of Rz0.06μm. Our advanced technology enables us to produce each individual component of the die, such as dieset, punch, and die, at a micron order level, which supports our die-making at ITO Seisakusho.


100% in-house mold production rate

We manufacture 100% of dies in-house (including overseas bases). With an efficient production system, we achieve high-level quality, technology, cost, and lead time.


“High-level global production system” would be one way to translate “高水準グローバル生産体制” into English. This implies a production system that operates at a high level of quality and efficiency across multiple locations around the world.

We provide one-stop support for the design, manufacturing, and stamping of progressive dies at our three bases in Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. We strive to achieve world-class technology, quality, and standardized equipment, and have built a high-level global production system.

High-level global production system

Ease of maintenance

The high level of functionality, such as “ease of use,” “stable quality,” “long die life,” and “easy maintenance,” are the characteristics of the dies produced by Ito Seisakusho. In particular, our dies’ excellent maintainability has received high praise from our customers. We will continue to work on further die improvements.


Young and talented engineers

A company is its people. We have many young and talented engineers with a challenging spirit. We are taking on various challenges for the next generation, such as technological research, the development of digital tools, IoT, and digitalization initiatives.